How to post YouTube videos on Instagram in 2021?

By Bvidz Team

January 09th 2022

Did you notice people now spend the most time on Instagram to watch videos, primarily IG reels? So Do you remember the last time you shared YouTube videos on Instagram as a post or story?

We watch about one billion hours of YouTube videos daily. You know that’s approximately 1600 Humans lifespan.

It creates an opportunity gap as YouTube videos can be perfect for posting on Instagram for more eyes and audiences. But you cannot directly post YouTube videos on Instagram as a post or story. That’s why you are here, so now let’s talk about it.

Why should you post YouTube Videos on Instagram?

Sharing YouTube videos to Instagram catches the eyes of brands, entrepreneurs, businesses, content creators, influencers and is an endless entertainment source. Instagram today is the most popular video Social media platform. 

Before understanding the technical aspect to share YouTube videos on Instagram, here are a few reasons you might consider making Instagram your favourite video marketing platform:

Drive traffic with Teaser Trailers

You can create a catchy teaser trailer for longer YouTube videos and post it on Instagram to drive more traffic back.

It can also be a video you want to promote; in this case, remember to give due credit.

Influencer and affiliate marketing promotions with YouTube videos posted on Instagram also have spiked in 2021.

Mashup your old videos

As a content creator, the older videos have attachment and growth potential. You can download particular old YouTube videos and create a mashup and share it on Instagram.

It will be something your IG followers will love, drive traffic to your YouTube channel and catch more eyes.

Post best YouTube Videos under Fair Use Act

You can also use YouTube videos to educate or illustrate a point. Before doing that, remember to use the videos under the Fair Use Act and comply with the state rules you live in.

How can you post YouTube videos on Instagram?

Instagram now has made sharing YouTube videos on Instagram almost impossible. But even then, there is a way to do it easily if you want to spend a little time jumping few hoops.

Now it’s time to show you the tech for posting YouTube videos on Instagram.

Step by Step Guide to post YouTube videos on Instagram.

Here you will learn to post YouTube videos on Instagram with iOS, Android, and desktop. Let’s get started:

Step 1: Download YouTube Video

  • For Android or iOS

To download YouTube videos on Android or iOS, you can use the YouTube video downloaders app. Every app almost follows the same process to download YouTube videos. Now download the YouTube video you want to post on Instagram.

  • For PC

Copy the YouTube video and link and browse “YouTube video downloader online.” On any of these websites, paste the link and get the video downloaded.

Step 2: Edit videos to make them compatible with Instagram

Now you have to make your YouTube video compatible with Instagram video requirements. Mainly the video length shall be between 3 – 60 seconds with its frame size, and the aspect ratio shall fit the Instagram video requirements

  • For Android or iOS

You can use video editing apps available on the play store or apple store like Collart (available on iOS). These video editing apps are mostly free and easy to operate, even for non-video editors.

  • For PC

You can use professional video editing apps like Da Vinci, Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, etc., to get the best videos fitting all Instagram requirements.

Step 3: Upload Your Videos on Instagram

Log in to your Instagram account, search hashtags, create a caption and other IG aspects to post your YouTube video on Instagram.

Respect Copyrights

If the YouTube video downloaded is not yours, then remember to attribute them.

Even if you post just parts of the video, do give credits to the right persons or YouTube channels to remain on the right side of the Copyrights and Intellectual property rights.

How to Create the Best Instagram Videos?

Remember to adjust your YouTube videos according to Instagram Videos frame and requirements to get the most out of them.

While creating videos for Instagram, you may face a bit of time taking hassle. With Bvidz you can easily and quickly get the best videos to match your brand or business values and get more eyes on Instagram stories and feeds.

Just contact us to save your time and get catchy YouTube videos to post on Instagram.

You have now done what many others think is impossible and have shared a YouTube video on Instagram as a post or story.

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