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Facebook Cover Video

How to make Facebook Cover Video in 2021: Specs, Size, Setup, and dimensions

By Bvidz Team

January 09th 2022

500 Million Facebook users Watch more than 4 Billion Facebook videos daily. It makes your Facebook Cover Video prime real estate for your business online. Consider it a love at first sight gesture for your returning and new customers.

You can quickly make your own Facebook cover video online. Still, nothing beats a customized Facebook cover video designed to attract more customers and tell your brand story or convey a particular message to your customers.

Before you get on board, here’s everything to set up your Facebook cover video perfectly.

Facebook Cover Video Specs

Facebook is public, so everyone, whether they like your page or not, can view it. Now the Facebook cover video is your first interaction with anyone who clicks on your Facebook page.

Likewise, you can run an FB ad campaign to target new people. In short, Facebook Cover is your primary opportunity to impress and attract potential clients.

Facebook cover guidelines occasionally change, so past year Facebook Covers need updating to stand in the competition. Let’s have a quick overview of Facebook Cover Video Specs to avoid headaches later on.

  • Facebook cover video size

It isn’t specified, but typically on-site videos shall be less than 1.75 GB. It’s best to have small-sized videos to ensure your page and video load fast and give customers a user-friendly experience. Remember, slow browsing speeds can cut off customers.

  • Dimensions

Your optimized Facebook cover video shall have 820 x 462 pixels. Facebook minimum dimensions for your cover video are 820 x 312 pixels.

As you upload your Facebook cover video, it automatically resizes to the 16:9 aspect ratio.

An essential aspect of Facebook Cover Video is mobile optimization. On mobile, the sides of the Facebook cover are cut, making it 360 pixels tall and 640 pixels wide. Here the key is to ensure your Facebook Cover is optimized for mobile screens and primary text is centered.

  • Recommended Format

Facebook cover video resolutions shall be at least 1080p. The recommended format for FB cover is .mp4 or .mov. You can use other formats, but it’s best to use the recommended formats.

Pro Tip: You can use online file converters if you have different file types for your Facebook cover video.

What is the best length for a Facebook cover video?

Your Facebook cover video length shall ideally be between 20-90 seconds. Never put any extra information in your Facebook cover video. It shall convey a particular message to potential consumers and promote your brand.

Keep the Facebook Video Cover size in mind. The best practice is to keep the text and images center aligned for mobile and desktop view optimization.

Set up your Facebook cover video

Now your fantastic Facebook cover video is ready so let’s upload it to your Facebook business page. Haven’t got the great cover video, contact Bvidz professionals to get great Facebook cover videos at a reasonable rate. More likely, the videos that convert clients and tell your brand story.

How to Upload?

Before uploading a Facebook cover video, firstly ensure it is in the correct format and size. Now open your Facebook business page. Hover your cursor to the top left corner and select “Upload Photo/Video.” Facebook automatically fits your cover videos to the required specs.

Test Optimization

Now your new Facebook Cover video is viewable. It’s time to test both desktop and mobile views and ensure it’s perfect for both. See how your video looks!

Troubleshoot Notes

You can encounter these little bumps with your Facebook cover video. No need to worry as we have already got you covered here:

  • 360 ° video

Set yourself apart from the crowd with 360 ° video recorded with a spherical or 360 ° camera that adds 360 ° metadata to the video. Here is Facebook guide if metadata is not encoded automatically in your video.

  • Cover Video does not upload.

Confirm the file size and specs if your Facebook cover video does not upload. If everything’s right, then it could be the browser speed or Facebook bug.

  • Facebook cover video do not play on mobile

If your Facebook video is optimized with the correct dimensions, it can be only due to the operating system. Update your installed browser or app, and it will start playing.

  • Audio

Facebook videos are muted by default. Remember not to make your cover video sound critical to the message conveyed, as 85% of Facebook videos are watched without sound.

3 tips for great Facebook cover video

Before closing, here are 3 perks to make your Facebook cover video aspiring and stand out from the competition.

  • Keep it unique and professional
  • The video shall have a natural flow
  • Keep it Simple and specs optimized.

Use recommended Facebook video formats. If you want a professional to create your business Facebook cover video or don’t have time, Bvidz is an excellent option. You can contact us now for a free consultation to make your Facebook Cover video perfect and aspiring.

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