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How to make converting video sales letters?

By Bvidz Team

January 09th 2022

Are you like me, getting frustrated with all the startups, products, and services that seem so great in theory but don’t sell for some reason? It’s as though sales is an area of expertise like video sales letters that very few have mastered.


And even when you own your own business, it seems that you can spend years perfecting the right message and strategy so that the moment you launch, it’s a wild success. Now video sales letters are hot topics. So, let’s dig the gold mine 😀

What is a video sales letter?

A Video Sales Letter (VSL) is essentially a sales letter that you create as a video and post on YouTube, your blog, or some other website. It’s also known as a long-format sales video. It is just like any other sales letter in that it’s intended to educate, persuade, and motivate a visitor to take the desired action you want them to. But instead of using a piece of writing, you use a well-produced video.

Great video sales letters will grab attention, appeal to your target audience’s problems, and highlight pain points to deliver a message about what you can do for them. You’ll be able to demonstrate what you can do for them. They’ll be able to see it, hear it, and feel it for themselves, and your video sales letters will be the proof of that value.

What makes video sales letters perfect?

Your video sales letter is the proof of your product or service’s benefit or value in action. Video sales letters accomplish much because video marketing is the most powerful medium today. They make it easy to get your message across, and they make it easy for people to understand your product or service.

Video Sales Letters Are Personal

When you watch an infomercial on TV, it can be hard to relate personally to the people in the video. When you see a live salesperson in action, they may seem like they are just saying their lines. It can make people mistrustful of what is being said.

A video sales letter is different because there is a face associated with the product or service being presented. The person in the video is directly talking to you, not to a large TV viewing audience. And this connection between the viewer and the presenter will create trust with the viewer and an overall good feeling about what they are watching.

Video Sales Letters Are Intimate

The fact that you can see the face of someone presenting their product makes it more personal. How they deliver their message will be just as important as what they say. If they are genuine and not just trying to sell you a product, they will use a tone of voice that is friendly and inviting.

This is different from many infomercials or sales presentations because the presenter prerecorded their sales pitch instead of delivering it in person. It means that the presenter may not have had time to prepare before creating their sales videos, which can cause them to be less truthful or less informed about the product they are selling.

Video Sales Letters Are Transparent

Video sales letters allow you to see the product or service’s process before it is sold. For this reason, they are easier to trust, as they can show exactly how the product was produced and what their process is like to get the best results possible.

This transparency can be a great benefit because once you know how a product or service was made — you may be more likely to buy it, knowing that it was put together with quality and care.

The Benefits of Video Sales Letters

Video sales letters help you connect with your clients and tell them about your product or service in a fun, entertaining way.

  • People remember what they see and hear more than what they read. So you’ll be able to reach more clients when you use video sales letters.
  • You can use your video sales letter to create a short and simple form to help clients understand the benefits of your product or service.
  • Video sales letters are so powerful because they make it easy for people to understand what you can do for them, and they help them see it and hear it. And that makes it much easier for your clients to make a decision – one that’s right (for them).
  • Video sales letters can help you sell your product or service to clients already happy with your product or service.


Suppose you’re sending a video sales letter via email. In that case, video sales letters will enable you to get great results because people are more interested in videos – videos catch their eye.

They look and feel more important, so people open them. You can see it, hear it and feel it for yourself by watching this short video about video marketing.

How to make a video sales letter?

Creating a video sales letter is quite a simple process. You can email your video to people or use social media. Well, let’s go through the steps.

1.   Invention: knowing where to start and what questions to ask

As much time as we spend writing, it is almost always a waste of time. It’s better to do nothing and just let your brain figure things out.

But it’s good to start with some research. What do you want them to do like:


  •          Buy my book Average To A-List.
  •          Subscribe to my YouTube channel.

Create a short video of 3-4 minutes in length that tells people what kind of book this is and why they should buy it. Your video sales letter must be short and easy to watch. The next thing that you have to consider is the type of video you’ll be creating.

2.      Invention: choosing your format

Think about what kind of videos people are most likely to watch when browsing their online queues. Since I will make a short, entertaining introduction, I will choose a video sales letter as my format choice.

You can go for a ‘traditional’ video sales letter, which has three parts: the body, the call-to-action, and the envelope.

The Body: This is where you introduce yourself and your product or service and what kind of book you have that people may be interested in.

You may use a trailer of the book called Average to A-List. You can see it below.

The call-to-action: Basically, you have to tell people what you want them to do. You can either use a button with an ‘add to cart text or tell them what you want them to do.

The envelope starts with a capital letter and ends with three dots. I’ll tell people to go here to buy my book. Capture their email and wait for them to buy your product.

3.      Invention: understanding why you need a video sales letter trailer

You might be wondering why I have created a video sales letter trailer. I’ve created it simply because my book trailer is short.

But here’s the problem:  

  • The average attention span watching a video is just over 6 minutes. So unless you are good at writing, I would suggest sticking to a video sales letter of just 3 minutes or so.
  • If people watch the full length of your video sales letter, about 70% are not going to purchase anything from you directly.
  • You can’t just produce many videos for people to watch and expect them to buy your product. They need some hook to get them interested in it first.

so, creating a video sales letter trailer was the way to go: Keeping the last part of your video sales letter short and simple will get the most from people. There are two options you have here: short videos that capture people’s attention or video sales letter trailers.

4.      Invention: knowing the type of content you’re going to create

Take the opportunity to tell people why they should buy it and what kind of book it is. Here’s how I did that:

Punchy introduction: 90% of people will watch your video sales letter because they saw the first few seconds of it. This means that you need to capture their attention right away. That’s why I started with a punchy introduction (I talked about creating those in this article).

Pop-up ads: If you’re going to create a video sales letter that goes for more than 3 minutes, you’ll have to include pop-up adverts. This is because people are likely to leave your video sales letter, and the only thing they want them there for is to see if they can catch a glimpse of your product or service.

But if you want people to buy it before the end of my video sales letter, you should use pop-up ads. Eventually, they get used to pop-up ads, and they will keep coming back to watch your sales letter.

Call to action: I also listed what I want people to do in the middle of my video sales letter. Again, this is a call to action and is essential.

5.      Invention: preparing for the final video

You must choose your product. When you know you’re going to create this video sales letter, pick the product first. It helps to stay focused on what content you need in that introduction. And you must decide on your style and depending on your product.

If you want to create a lengthy sales letter, you should create dedicated pages and call them by name so that people can understand what’s going on. If you’re going to go for a video sales letter, then try to do it with as little text as possible so that your video can be long enough.

Five tips to make a compelling video sales letter

As a marketer, you must know how to write a better sales letter. If you could follow these simple steps, it is only a matter of time before you have the video sales letter to help increase your bottom line.

Building rapport with your audience is an essential part of video marketing. You can learn how to create a great video sales letter by following these five simple steps.

#1 Identify your target customer.  

Your target client is the most likely person you buy your product or service. For example, if you are advertising a new make-up product, most likely it will be marketed for women; if you are selling cars, it would probably be marketed towards men.

#2 Stick to the demographics

For your video sales letter to be successful, it must cater to the demographics of your target customer. Your target client is the most likely person you buy your product or service. Use the correct colors and try not to exaggerate with your language. 

You must build up a sense of trust with them from the beginning to feel comfortable purchasing from you. Using the car example, you would want your video sales letter to appeal to men by using more of a ‘manly’ tone; keep it as factual and no-nonsense as possible.

#3 Keep it short and straightforward.

 It is essential to keep your video sales letter short, sweet, and simple; don’t go on too long. The longer people watch a video, the less attention they will pay. This will also detract from keeping their focus on the message you are trying to get across.

#4 Create a video sales letter

Your video sales letter should be 30 – 60 seconds long. This should be the perfect amount to keep them engaged and interested.

#5 Increase your stakes  

Once you have your video sales letter perfected, you must increase the stakes of your offer by adding more value to their initial purchase, offering a particular discount, or signing up for your newsletter. 

How Video Sales Letter Software Works?

Video sales letter works the same way as other standard sales letter. First, you have to record the video on a specific video editing software. Then, you can use this video on your websites like YouTube or Vimeo.

This will help you reach more people interested in those products and services. You can also post videos on YouTube unrelated to your product or service. It can help you get more valuable traffic and leads from it.

Final Thoughts

Video Sales Letters make up a large part of the internet’s content. Now that you’ve learned how to create a video sales letter start putting these tips into action and watch the results roll in. But is it enough to make video sales letters that sell crazily? Well, you need professional experts like Bvidz for it! And you can consult the Bvidz video sale letters team for free to discuss more 😀

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