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How to do Video script writing in 6 steps? Basics, Templates, and Examples

By Bvidz Team

January 14th 2022

Today video marketing is most powerful promotion method. Whether a blockbuster movie or creating an effective marketing video, at core video script writing matters most.

Writing video script is easier with a few key elements and proper guidelines. It tells a story to connect with potential clients and gets drives more growth.


For you here we will cover simple steps to do effective video script writing with or without a template. The goal is to write a decent video script that produces winning videos within your budget.

How to write a video script effectively?

Remember to KISS: Keep it simple. Before writing video script remember what you want to achieve with this video? Now you must hold cool ideas and create script, writers call it “Prewriting”.

With this approach you produce videos that are effective and goal oriented in limited budget.

Video script writing: Basics

Effective video scripts often need more planning time. So let’s start planning your next video script:

Step 1: Identify who is your audience

It’s the primary principle for all sorts of copywriting and marketing campaigns. Your content conveys specific message to targeted customers. Remember If it’s for everybody then it appeals nobody.

You can use this simple Customer Avatar Worksheet of Digital Marketer to identify the right audience.

Step 2: Decide your Goal

To decide your goal, answer these questions:

·         Where will your audience watch this video?

·         At which marketing funnel stage the video is viewed?

If you want audience to perform an action, then add a call to action at your video ending.

Pro Tip: Video purpose should be clear even if it’s not explicitly stated.

Step 3: Choose your central character and video focal point

If your video has many people, then the focus may stray from your video main goal. To avoid it identify your primary character.

A product review is effective when single person does most talking. Wither way you should know who will spend most time on screen. Often brands create characters that function more like mascots e.g., Flo from Progressive.

To choose video focal point answer why will anyone watch this video? As you start video script writing answer this point. With this method you get repetitive viewers and retain more audience.

Video script writing: The fun part

Now with good planning the map is ready and writing is fairly easy.

Step 4: Writer your audio and video elements

If you plan to do visual voiceovers, then divide it into different shots. Its best to write the visual and audio aspects in your script.

With this approach there are clear directions for shooting video with team. Everyone is clear on how to work with both audio and video elements in video.

Step 5: Trim your video script

Its most important part of whole process. Best practice is to plan for 125 – 150 words per video. Once your video writing script is ready then comes the trimming part. Start axing and rewording until its perfect for time limit and flow.

For effective dialogue writing

·         Speak directly to your audience

·         Write like you say it

·         Read aloud your script

Step 6: Stick to script while shooting video

Though it’s not the video script right component but essential for effective videos. Think of it like why you need an architect if not follow their designs and map for your construction work.

As you start filming or creating your video follow video script as much as possible. Its best to avoid any major changes in script. Maybe you have got a cool idea but remember your video script is goal and customer oriented.

Bonus: Writing the right script

Marketing video educate and persuade viewers. The explainer and presentation videos fall under education category targeting

·         Introducing your brand

·         how to – demonstrations

·         How it – works

Concise and simple information is easy to remember. Likewise, commercial and promotional videos fall under persuading category. They develop your brand image and make you stand out in the competition.

Go forth to write the right script for awesome videos. Do you feel like writing effective video scripts demand time and undivided attention? Don’t worry as here Bvidz professionals have got you covered.


Spend more time on growing your business while we at Bvidz create right video scripts for your marketing promotional videos.

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