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Gif Makers: 4 ways to make GIF from a video online

By Bvidz Team

January 09th 2022

Catchy, lovely, and quick-to-load GIFs are perfect to describe an emotion or mood. A punch line written with muted footage makes them an exciting way to express feelings without words. But how can you make a GIF from a video online? Probably you need the best free GIF Makers.

Here you will learn everything to do the bite-size short, punchy wonders known as GIFs. So let’s knock in:

GIF Makers: Why do we love Gifs so much?

What is a GIF? They are short video snippets that are up to 5 seconds long. Scenes typically from famous TV shows and movies as well as your videos. Feeling sad or want to show excitement? GIFs are there for you.

Social Media has got crazy over GIFs. It seems like they are now a part of our daily life. GIF Makers customize GIFs to spark feeling and create a connection to the emotional core. Think of GIF as a means to convey an idea without saying a word.

GIFs are more likely a hyper-speed communication channel in any situation. You can easily create an emotional connection with your audience with a customized GIF.

Choose the right video for your special GIF.

To make GIF, have you selected the right video clip? Remember, it’s most important to create customized short and punchy GIFs.

GIFs are much short with the central theme to communicate an emotion, idea, or feeling. Here don’t get stuck in conveying the whole episode. Think of GIFs as videos distillation with leftovers up to a few seconds only.

GIFs can also be animated characters representing your feelings. To express anger, a character with a redhead like a tomato will do the trick. Now let get on GIF Maker’s aspects and make a GIF from a video online.

How to create GIF from a video online?

With plenty of GIFs available on online platforms, mainly social media sites making your own GIF is also quite simple. A GIF expressing your exact feeling and fulfill its purpose even in the most obscure references.

Now let’s dive into the best online GIF makers. For you, we have also included the best aspiring way to create GIFs in Android, iOS, and desktop. So let’s get started:


Giphy is a super quick and easy-to-use American-based online GIF Maker. With it, you have the option to create GIFs by uploading your video or else with a video URL from third-party hosting platforms like YouTube.

  1. For GIF makers, it just takes minutes with Giphy to create the customized GIFs online. To start:
  2. Select Create after signing in. It’s present in the top right corner.
  3. Upload video and play with features to customize your GIF
  4. Select “Continue to decorate” to get on the customization screen. Here you can add captions, filters, stickers. Once you are done, tap “Continue to upload.”
  5. Share your Gif and get the purpose fulfilled.

Make a Gif

As GIF Maker, you can create more advanced GIFs with Make a GIF. But here, for the high definition quality of GIFs and to remove the watermark, you will need their premium account. With make a GIF, you get to create HD aspiring GIFs from:

  • Pictures & webcam
  • YouTube videos
  • Facebook Videos
  • Your video

To create GIF with make a GIF:

  1. Upload your GIF; here, you will select “Video to GIF” and add customizations before selecting “Continue to publishing.”
  2. Name, categorize and trap your GIFs.
  3. Get your GIF to work.

Giphy app for Android & iOS

Anywhere out during work or vacations, then use GIPHY add to create GIFs as GIF makers in all situations. To create GIFs on iOS or Android mobile within seconds:

  1. On the top-right screen corner, tap “Create.”
  2. From Gallery, find and select your video.
  3. Add customizations to your gif with 4 personal categories
  4. Transform GIF aspect ratio to work rightly on the correct platform

Make a GIF on your desktop with Photoshop.

For more customized, sophisticated, and controlled GIFs, perhaps you will need a powerful command of the desktop platform like Photoshop.

As Photoshop user general assumption is you already are a pro. Still, here is a quick Photoshop guide to creating GIFs there:

  1. Go to File, select Import, and then video frames to layers
  2. Choose video part for GIF and trim extras to specify the range
  3. Ensure Make Frame Animation is checked and then tap OK
  4. Select Save for web in export options available in the File menu.

GIF Makers customize your GIFs with great Videos

Now you got the best tech-savvy means to make GIFs from videos online and via other platforms. But what if you need a great GIF that’s customized, much great, and well performer.

Bvidz has professionals leading the video marketing industry since 2016. As Gif Maker, you can find your next GIF masterpiece with Bvidz. So are you ready for something new and little longer?

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