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How to make your branding video?

By Bvidz Team

January 09th 2022

Hey, friend! Did curiosity ever make you wonder how your brand can benefit from a branding video? You’re in luck because we’re going to show you just that.

Branding videos are everywhere these days, and they can be quite beneficial for any business. Call it another new trend of hot video marketing 馃榾 However, what is video branding actually about?

Well, when talking about video marketing, we usually think of a great product, an amazing image, and the perfect captions. To sum up, if you want your brand to take off, you should also focus on video content.

Hey, friend! Did curiosity ever make you wonder how your brand can benefit from a branding video? You’re in luck because we’re going to show you just that.

Branding videos are everywhere these days, and they can be quite beneficial for any business. Call it another new trend of hot video marketing 馃榾 However, what is video branding actually about?

Well, when talking about video marketing, we usually think of a great product, an amazing image, and the perfect captions. To sum up, if you want your brand to take off, you should also focus on video content.

What is a branding video?

First off, here’s what a branding video is. A branding video is anything you create that can represent your brand (duh!). Think commercials and the like. Your goal should be to make this video something that your audience can relate to and remember you by. You want something that’s both effective and memorable.

Branding videos are internet gold right now. Everyone that has one sees the benefits, and you should too! You just need to know how to do it.

How do branding videos benefit you?

The great thing about branding videos is that they allow you to connect with your audience in a much deeper way. Let’s be honest; most commercials are just boring and hard to watch. Why is that? Because they’re trying to get you to buy something, right?

Well, by creating a video that’s relatable and funny, you can have your audience connecting with it and laughing along with you.

So, what does this means for your brand? It means that you’ll be able to get more attention than you would have usually gotten. And that’s a perfect thing! Having the right video is a massive part of getting the right kind of attention.

How do you create the right branding video?

The branding video has to be relatable and funny. If you try something serious, it will most like just not work. Now save that for later, when you’ve built up a brand name for yourself.

Now, your video doesn’t have to be funny. It just has to be fun. If you’re serious and can pull off the serious or the sad (lots of people like those two types of videos), do that.

But more often than not, your video will need to be light and funny. So, make sure that you’re comfortable with being able to pull off something like that. Apart from it consider:

聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽 Your Target Audience: Think about your target audience and try to create a video that will relate to them. Get them to laugh or just be in awe as you show them something amazing about you.

聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽 No Stock footage with pro editing: Make sure that your video doesn’t look too professional, though. Promise us that you won’t use stock footage in the video (because it looks fake).

聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽 Audience personal video: Instead, use your video footage to connect with your audience more personally. It will really make a huge difference.

聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽 Use catchy music: Use some catchy music and be sure that you don’t use super loud music. That way, you can actually hear yourself talking in the video.

聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽 Brand Name Video: Another thing to keep in mind is that you have to have a clear brand name for your video. Your video is your brand, and you need to own it. A good idea would be to call it the “Brand Name Video” or something similar. That way, when someone is searching for that kind of video, they will find your video, and not someone else’s.

聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽 Give your video a face and name: Your video should have a face and a name to it. Make sure that you don’t use too many people in the video. A good video is all about you and your passions, so make sure that your best friend is also your brand name.

That’s it! You have just created a really great and beneficial branding video for your brand.

How do you get people to watch your branding video?

Well, now you are well aware of how to make a branding video, so how do you get people to watch it?

You have to find the right platform. One of the first places that come into mind is YouTube. Why choose YouTube? Well, for one, you can monetize the video. You can make money from your video through AdSense (you just have to approve it).

That’s a huge benefit. You can also tie it to your social media before and after the video. Make sure that you do that as well. You can do a lot of things on YouTube, so there’s no point in hiding anything from it. You just have to make sure that you do some promotion beforehand.

Also, if you want to talk about how, you did it, then make sure that you create a blog for yourself and tell your story. And be sure to do some collaborations with other people. With this approach, you can reach a larger audience. It’s all about having connections with people.

So, make sure that you get to know some other YouTube stars or other people with a large online community. Collaborate with them and make friends.聽And remember, your branding video can save you some money. It’s a great video, and people will actually believe in you.

Are there any drawbacks to videos?

Well, sure! Videos are actually way harder than text. This thing called “attention span” says that people have a limited attention span, and you might accidentally lose some of your audience.

You also need to think about the length of the video. Usually, people will not spend more than 30 minutes watching a video. You can go longer than that. But that’s where your creativity and editing skills come in. If you can edit yourself well, then there won’t be any problem with the length of the video.

There’s also the problem of making your video “go viral.” If you want to make your video go viral, then you’ll have to do some extra work (and pray for luck, which isn’t a bad idea). Some people say that luck plays a huge role in making something go viral, and some people say it’s all about hard work and connections.

If we had to guess, we’d say that it was a combination of all three. But the most important part is luck. So, that’s it for today! Now it’s time to get some awe-inspiring examples. You just must know how to use your video in the best possible way so that you can make money from it.

Branding Video Great Examples

Now we’re going to showcase exactly how to make a branding video. So, pay close attention to the following examples, and you’ll get an idea of how you want your video to look.

This is one of my favorite videos because it’s so simple yet effective. I love the use of black and white; it makes their video look older and gives it an artistic touch.

This video is very effective because it’s not too much. It’s just about a minute long, and the message is pretty clear. They actually don’t even say anything in this video. The music, the use of the camera, and the editing make this video work.

Again, you can see the simplicity of their branding video. It’s not too simple, though. It’s just what you need to know about them in a short amount of time.


This branding video is pretty funny. Staple doesn’t want you to buy their product. They want you to fall in love with their brand, and if you find yourself in a situation where you need them, they will be there for you.

I like the branding video because it is as simple as some people want to make theirs. It’s essentially paper, a pen, and an office. Simple but gets the point across.

Staples made their video relatable so that their customers would feel like they are a part of the video. They used the same song playing during the video, and it just added a whole new level to it.


When it comes to branding videos, Bose did something a little bit different. Instead of having a person represent their brand, they used a cat. They made their video super fun and relatable.

They did something that no other brand has done because they used the cat’s name. They called her the “Bose Nine.” They actually gave the cat a nickname within the video, which I think is a first in this kind of video.

Bose also created a very relatable video and had the same emotion throughout the whole video. It all fits together so well, and it’s easy to see why they decided to use this video as they did.

What about animations branding video?

Animated videos can be really awesome, but they can also cringe very. When you create an animated video for your brand, you have to make sure that it’s actually good and captures the essence of your brand.

Animated videos are just something different. They are really fun to watch and can be awesome. Just focus on doing it correctly. When you’re choosing an animation company, make sure that they know exactly how to capture your essence. They need to understand your brand and what it is about.

If they do, you should be able to use them to create an awesome branding video. If they don’t, you should look for another company that can do what you need. Think about your audience’s emotions when they watch your video. You want to capture those emotions and show what your brand is about.

If you want an animation video, try to get a preview of it before going forward.

Why do you need a branding video?

Branding is something that can be hard to grasp at first. Here’s the thing: when you have a video representing your brand, it makes everything clearer.

If you can get your brand out to people and make sure that it does all the things it needs to do, then you’ll be doing everything that you need. Many people overlook branding, but it’s one of the most important things to do.

The most important thing is not just to create a video but make sure you’re also creating an awesome video that represents who you are. Even if you don’t make money from it, your video will be a huge part of getting people to know you.

Plus, you’ll be able to show that you’re an expert in what you do. You don’t want to miss out on that opportunity.

Once you have your branding video, you’ll be able to do everything that needs to be done. With it, you will be able to reach more people and the community at large. In the end, it’s a win-win situation for everyone.


You’ve learned what a branding video is and why you need it. You now also know how to create your branding video and have seen some of the best examples that are out there. All in all, your video should be able to capture the essence of your brand. Ever since Facebook has changed its algorithm, it’s all about creating great content, and the right video can help your business grow. Use it wisely!聽

Those are some great examples of how brand videos can be used for your brand. If you want to make an amazing branding video for yourself, consider the ideas we’ve just given you. They do work, and we’re sure that you will benefit from them.

Now, if you want to find more on how you can create a relatable branding video, feel free to contact us. We are at Bvidz will be happy to help you in any way that we can.

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