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13 free advertising ideas for small business that are clever and brilliant

By Bvidz Team

January 09th 2022

Do you know free advertising tactics like word of mouth or social media nurture brand awareness? Using free advertising ideas for small business you can easily gain customers and exposure in a quick, easy and affordable way.

Whether you are a new start-up, small, or established business you can never ignore advertisement potential. Specially to grow and establish an ever-growing audience. But it never means to bring an expensive budget to spread the word.

All brands never bother paid advertising to grow and remain competitive. What don’t you check out Huy Fong Foods, Rolls-Royce advertising tactics?

13 free advertising ideas for small businesses

To get you started we have rounded up 16 of the best free advertising ideas for small businesses that work for real. Even if you have a big advertising budget don’t underestimate the potential of these free advertising ideas for businesses:

1. Whisper on Quora and Reddit

With Quora and Reddit free marketing, you can promote the value your business offers. Find and answer queries relevant to your business. The best approach is to promote your business with the art of selling without selling and offer solutions to questions.

2. Join discussion Forums and Conversations

Another similar and effective advertising tactic is to join discussion forms related to your business. Maybe customers are already discussing your business there!

Here remember a link or simple advertisement is ineffective. Try to add value in a customer’s life by sharing experience, answering questions, or making efforts where a customer is unhappy. Forum threads remain in the search results for years so a single effective solution may inspire others for a longer time.

3. Start your business website Blog

Do you know one-third of online web pages are blogs? With relevant content, you can increase your website traffic and leads for your business. The Key is to rank your blog higher in search results for more traffic

4. Start an email new letter

Today Email is considered one of the most effective ways of advertising. Because you can easily approach the people on your Email list, they can receive your messages and advertisements of your products. By using email advertisement wisely, you can give a significant rise to your business.

5. Skip Tracing and email marketing

When it comes to free advertising tactics don’t underestimate the skip tracing and email marketing potential. Adopt free skip tracing methods to collect new leads and set email marketing flows for your existing and new customers.


6. Do Guest Posting and Link Building

By building your website authority google gives you preference over your competitors. And you also enjoy higher rankings. You can develop an effective guest posting and link-building strategy for free.

Do guest posting on free websites with high DA authority with a do-follow or no-follow backlink. If you are doing blogging and link building with a proper advertising plan, then viola you will rank higher, drive more leads to your business.

7. Make your Social Media Presence

25% of millennial consumers start with social media to find businesses. Ensure your social media profiles are 100% complete and fully active. Till today social media is an effective means to make your online presence with both organic and paid methods.

8. Send Cold Emails and Make Phone Calls

Cold emailing and phone calling is still an effective method. With appropriate research, you can collect potential leads. Check out the state or country rules before cold emailing and calling as in some places its illegal?

An effective method is to do skip tracing to collect leads and then send cold emails with effective copywriting.

9. Online and Offline Business Branding

Business branding retains customers. And it gives you a special identity among competitors selling the same product or service. With proper branding, you can make your business stand out.

For your business choose a colour theme, design your logo and take care of other branding aspects. Likewise, you can print your business shorts for employees to wear.

10. Develop your Professional LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is the most powerful way to attract investors and potential customers. Is your linked profile well built? If not check out how to build an effective LinkedIn profile on your YouTube and make your professional LinkedIn profile.

11. Leave reviews and testimonials online

Build goodwill and leave your name online by leaving reviews and testimonials for vendors and suppliers you work with. It will increase your business trust factor and authenticity that can give you an advantage over your competitors.

12. Do SEO and Content Marketing

Search engine optimization will rank your business website high on google search results. Content marketing offers a solution to customers by promoting your business. You can do basic SEO and content marketing for your website for free.

13. Make an engaging advertising video with Bvidz

Today video advertising is the most powerful way to promote your business with a goal-oriented approach. The best part you don’t need a large budget to get started. With Bvidz you can get the best advertising videos for your business at the most reasonable rates.

The Bottom Line: Businesses free advertising ideas

Paid advertising certainly gives widespread exposure but it can be expensive. It’s worth checking these free advertising ideas for small businesses before ongoing to paid options.

In paid methods, video marketing is most effective as today almost 80& of web traffic watch videos. An exclusive advertising plan for small businesses is to use these free tactics with a video promotion for strategic results.

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