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Why promo video is so important for video marketing

By Bvidz Team

October 8th, 2021

Promo video can grab most of your audience’s attention to attain particular goals. Think of these promo videos as a gateway to promote specific marketing initiatives, increase your sales or get visibility for your new product, idea, or service to sell it like crazy.

Nearly 60% of executives prefer video ads over text. According to hubspot, about 70% of people like promo videos to learn about a product or service. Why not get started with promo videos now?

What is a Promo Video?

Promo Videos drive attention to business offerings. Simply put, promotional videos are business videos designed to promote your product, service, event, or sales to potential prospects and customers.

Best promotional videos personally affect each customer without exhibiting the sales aspect to sell without selling. Today successful marketing campaigns intend to sell brand products with the art of selling without selling. Promotional videos create the same opportunities for both new start-ups and ongoing businesses to sell efficiently without a direct sales pitch to the target audience.

Take the example of companies releasing promo videos on traditional events, accomplishments, events, or to express solidarity with their target audience while telling their brand story. Herewith promo videos, they sell their brand image and particular products without a direct intent of selling. 

Let’s find how your business will perform with promo videos and which promotional video is best for you.

What should promotional videos include?

The promo videos shall reflect the primary purpose of creating the video. They can be:

  • Intro Promo Videos
  • Video Ads
  • Product Launch videos
  • Event promotional videos
  • FAQ Videos
  • Testimonial & Review promo video
  • Recruitment Videos
  • Explainer videos

While creating a promo video most crucial aspect is the writing script. A professional video ad has 100% licensed
and copyright-free content from online libraries for music, audio, images, and videos. Professional artist voiceovers with the excellent script are a perfect blend for crazy selling promo videos.

Before getting your promo video, you can think of more rich ideas and discover other promo videos for inspiration.

How much does a promotional video cost?

Professional promo videos cost around $25 to $500 depending on the video length, content quality, licensing, and professional overlook of video. With technical advancement today, instead of expensive production teams, you can get perfect promo videos with skilled professionals like Bvidz. 

Feel like seeing it by discussing your custom promo video requirements with Bvidz. Get a professional’s opinion to make your promo videos perfect and outstanding that sell like crazy.

Make your promotional video brief and hit crucial aspects of valuing customers. Remember, most brands prefer promo videos under 2 minutes.

What is the purpose of a promo video?

Videos drive 80% of web traffic and conversions. About 90 % of consumers said their buying behaviour gets influenced by aspiring product videos. You daily scroll dozens of promo videos within a few minutes spent on Facebook, YouTube, or Instagram.

With promo video, you can cover any of the following potential prospects:

  • Brand Story
  • Product Demonstration
  • Feedback and Testimonials
  • Recruitment Videos
  • Promotional Videos

A well-planned and professionally designed promo video can help you target 80% of web traffic. Your customers are already starving for valuable video content.

How to make a good promotional video?

Think of promo videos as video marketing bread and butter. How will you serve your potential customers?

Value bringing promo video sells crazily and has an influential script. Remember to use 100% licensed and copyright-free content, including images, custom characters, audio, and powerful voiceovers.

Voiceovers and trending audio bring new repetitive traffic. Here the best approach is to use trending copyright-free music with a soothing and influential voiceover of artists.

To save your time and make a promotional video that sells like crazy best approach can be to hire Bvidz team.

Contact us now to discuss your project with them to make it successful. Delivering innovative, top-quality promo videos with revisions to customer satisfaction and a save payment gateway makes them trustworthy and value-driven professionals.

Promo Videos: Final Words

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