7 Inspiring Halloween Video Ideas for Your Business with Bvidz

7 Inspiring Halloween Video Ideas for Your Business with Bvidz

By Bvidz Team

October 21st 2021

Did you know with Halloween new eCommerce businesses reach 6 and 7 figures sales? Even with social media ads the sales and revenue get boosted. Here we have dug up and gathered the best Halloween videos ideas for your business that will drive more traffic and conversions.

Get creative to show off your business playful side. In 2021 video marketing is the most important aspect of marketing. Check out our Video Marketing guide to know about it.

Designing a few Halloween videos with kids, costumes, and candy all give room to get creative. If you feel designing a perfect Halloween video for your business, it’s best to consult Bvidz.

Bvidz is specialized in creating marketing videos to tap hidden opportunities that can grow your business.

7 Halloween Video Ideas for Your Business

Halloween marks the holiday season and the economy grows steadily every year. The primary opportunity here is to engage the audience with video marketing campaigns to boost your revenues.

If you are looking for how to start, then check out Bvidz professionally crafted a Halloween marketing video for 

Let’s spell this great opportunity with the 7 inspiring Halloween video ideas gathered for your business:

Halloween Video Idea 1: Business Promotion

Get in with special product promotion or Halloween sale. Tailoring the shopping experience creatively to Halloween spirit will build brand loyalty and boost sales.

Using a seasonal colour theme to set the mood with Halloween-themed products or stock photos performs well. It will align your business promotional video with the Halloween spirit.

Halloween Video Idea 2: Facebook or Instagram entertainment

An interesting information or a clever story holds the audience on social media. You can share Halloween fun facts correlating to your business.

Check out The Irish Jewellery company that posted a video about spooky Halloween traditions on their Facebook page. It got more than 1.3 M views with 60,000 shares.

Halloween Video Idea 3: Advertise your sales

Though Halloween is more than traditional retail selling still there’s an opportunity to boost your sales crazily.

To tap Halloween video marketing potential use creatively curated and goal-focused marketing videos. The end results also boost your revenue.

Flash sale videos with Halloween customization works efficiently. Apart from Social media email lists perform quite well so don’t forget to tap their potential.

Halloween Video Idea 4: Customized Product marketing

The most performing video idea for all businesses is advertising Halloween-themed customized products. It brings high sales velocity and revenue.

You can even design cards with your brand logo and market them. A themed product with customized video performs most efficiently.

Halloween Video Idea 5: DIY or How to post?

On Halloween, the customers are looking for fun projects. Here you can create how-to topics or makeup tutorials related to your brand.

Think of creative ways to excite your audience. It ultimately will make your audience the brand ambassador and they will be promoting your videos on their social media walls.

Halloween Video Idea 6: Behind the Scenes

Another creative idea is to show your efforts for Halloween-themed events, products, or services.

By showing viewers behind the scenes you can engage the audience uniquely and leave a mark about your business with them.

Halloween Video Idea 7: Recap event

Halloween comes with exciting events. How about throwing a Halloween party? To recap event highlights you can design a Halloween theme based video for all seasonal highlights. Share it on all your social media handles and email lists.

Get the best Halloween videos for your business

Which Halloween video idea will you use to cast a buying spell on your customers. On Halloween there are a lot of ways to engage your audience. You can get much more business this Halloween by promoting your brand and products.

If you feel creating a perfect video can be tough and time-consuming, then it’s best to take a video marketing professional on-board?

Bvidz aims to help businesses join in on this festive with a video marketing campaign that delights customers. For it, we are creating aspiring Halloween videos customized for your business consumers.

Let’s hop on a call today to find how we can help your business grow this Halloween.

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